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rite aid pharmacy Support Ticket - New York, New York - Rite Aid Pharmacy complaint

rite aid pharmacy Support Ticket - New York, New York

Rite Aid Pharmacy complaint

Created By: upsetatriteaid1's Picture upsetatriteaid1 Last Reply: upsetatriteaid1's Picture upsetatriteaid1
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 7 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0

I picked up my prescription and prior to paying I reviewed the prescription bottle. The cashier rang up the sale. She immediately without my consent or permission checked the box on the debit screen scanner that stated I “declined to be counseled about my prescription” . I told her that it wasn’t her decision to check the box on the screen because she didn’t know if I had a question regarding my prescription. Instead of her apologizing that she was wrong to do so, she replied in a very nasty tone, “well what’s your question?” Incensed, I immediately told her I didn’t want to speak to her and requested to speak to a pharmacist that was also present and witnessed what occurred. I requested that she answer my question. While the pharmacist answered my question, I told her that the cashier was very nasty to me and never acknowledged or apologized for placing an “X” on the debit screen scanner. At that point, the cashier returned and loudly stated that “I did ask you if you had any question”. The cashier still never acknowledged that she was wrong for placing the “X” on the debit scanner. I told her that I was not speaking to her therefore, she shouldn’t speak to me. She stated in a very loud confrontational tone, “your talking about me so I’m talking to you”. At that point I asked that she give me her name so I can make a complaint. She gave me her first name as Sasha and when I requested her last name, she stated that she didn’t have to tell me anything. During this time, the pharmacist who answered my question stood by watching the incident and did not utter a word. A line had already formed and I told “Sasha” I was going to make a complaint regarding her nasty attitude towards me. As I left the pharmacy area in disgust, Sasha continued yelling at me in front of other customers on line to “go ahead and make a complaint”. I asked a cashier in the front of the store to locate the manager immediately. She directed me to a gentlemen who identified himself as the store manager. He listened as I stated my complaint and he explained that the pharmacy is a separate entity from Rite Aid and I should complain to Sasha’s supervisor. I asked the name of Sasha’s supervisor and was more enraged when he told me that her supervisor was in the pharmacy and her name is Marlene. Throughout the whole incident Marlene watched as Sasha verbally assaulted me and never introduced herself as the “manager” nor even attempted to intervene. Marlene also heard me stated that I wanted to make a complaint regarding Sasha and did absolutely nothing. I approached the pharmacist again and asked her if she was the Sasha’s supervisor or manager. She stated that she was. I questioned her about the procedure of allowing a cashier to verbally assault, be loud and disrespectful and humiliate me the way that Sasha did to me in her presence. She related that store policy states she should not reprimand her staff in front of a customer and that she spoke to Sasha after I left I asked Marlene if she didn’t think it was important that she introduce herself to me while the incident occurred and speak to me as well. I got no response. Marlene then took a seat on her stool an began looking at her computer screen as though she wasn’t interested in what else I had to say, which did not make me feel confident that anything would be done to correct what happened. At that point, I asked for her full name and told her I would follow up with a formal complaint against both Sasha and herself. Ms. Chang gave me the phone number 1-800 RiteAid. I was mortified, and I am embarrassed to say that I was so dumbfounded by Ms. Chang’s uncaring attitude that I then left the store.
On 8/24/11 Ms. Chang called my home and spoke to someone who had no idea of what she was talking about and apologized for what happened four days ago. She stated that she responded to my online complaint . I immediately called her back and asked for the name of her supervisor. My issues were never addressed by Ms. Chang nor do I think she's even qualified to handle my complaint especially when I was in her presence 4 days prior and she didn't even handle my complaint appropriately. This added more insult to injury. Ms. Chang didn't even have the decency to request to speak to me personally, instead she left a message. This was so inappropriate, unprofessional and tasteless. As of this writing, I have not even heard from her supervisor.


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